PIPV Capital is a private equity fund focused on acquiring revenue-generating, off-patent, branded medicines in the life sciences space.

PIPV Capital brings new life to its global portfolio of medicines, incorporating and leveraging technology and our proven approaches to revitalize these marketed medicines in their existing markets as well as entering new markets worldwide. In addition, PIPV Capital seeks proprietary value-building platforms to further bolster returns of our marketed medicines portfolio. With this balanced approach, the Fund is well positioned to realize superior capital appreciation, while providing downside protection, for our investors.

The PIPV Capital team has extensive contacts within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and financial communities. The founding Partners have been together as a trusted investing team for over 17 years during which they successfully raised and invested over $1.2BB in the life sciences space. We have long-standing relationships with large pharmaceutical companies from whom we purchase these branded medicines and an established global network of partners to implement on our strategies. We firmly believe that our long term positive relationships with individuals in these communities represents our most valued currency. Our philosophy, which is embodied in "PATCOL® — People are the currency of Life" leads us to the best solutions as we seek superior returns for our funds and the people that have entrusted us to manage them.